Technical support and consulting

The Società Italiana per l’Innovazione nell’Industria Alimentare offers consulting and technical support on:

  • Evaluation of conformity of materials used in contact with food.
  • Evaluation of compliance of food equipment and plants with hygiene requirements.
  • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting in the food industry.
  • Preparation of FDA filing documentation for LACF to be exported in the US.
  • Technical support for the design of equipment in the food, pharma and cosmetic sectors, aimed to safety and quality of the products.
  • Technical support in the design or refurbishment of food plants and facilities based on the GMP and other requirements aimed to protection of consumer health.
  • Provide technical opinions and appraisals, also for controversy.
  • Design and/or optimization of thermal processes for microbial inactivation.
  • Develop numerical models of food processes, aimed to process optimization.