What is EHEDG Italy?

EHEDG Italy is the Italian Section of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, founded by EHEDG in 2006 thanks to the initiative of Giampaolo Betta and Roberto Massini, with the aim to promote the principles of hygienic design in the Italian industry.

EHEDG Italy è hosted, organized and chaired by the Società Italiana per l’Innovazione nell’Industria Alimentare.

Chairman of EHEDG Italy: Giampaolo Betta

For further information please visit the website of EHEDG Italy


What is EHEDG?

EHEDG, European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, is an international no-profit consortium founded in 1989. The members of EHEDG are: food companies, food equipment manufacturers, other suppliers of the food industry, research institutes and universities and public health authorities. The objective of EHEDG is to promote the food safety through improvement of hygienic engineering and design in all aspects of food production.

Is EHEDG European or global?

EHEDG was founded in Europe and its headquarter is still in Europe. However EHEDG has grown fastly outside the european borders and at present it is the most important global organization with regard to hygienic engineering and design.

Thanks to its Regional Section, EHEDG is today active in about 50 countries worldwide.

 What does EHEDG do?

  • EHEDG develops, publishes and regularly reviews practical Guidelines on Hygienic Design, which are a fundamental tool for food companies and equipment manufacturers to comply with international regulation on food hygiene.
  • EHEDG develops test methods used to experimentally inspect the hygienic performances of food equipment and, as a consequence, check compliance with requirements..
  • Certification of equipment through Authorised Institutes, based on compliance with the guidelines and experimental verification.
  • Advanced Training through Authorised Trainers.
  • EHEDG organises conferences and workshops, including the biannual EHEDG World Congress.

For further information please visit the EHEDG website

 What does EHEDG Italy do?

  • EHEDG Italy is a platform of discussion at a national level on all topics related to Hygienic Design and Engineering.
  • Gives local support to Italian EHEDG members
  • Translate the guidelines e and the other EHEDG documents in the Italian language.
  • Gives support  and information about the EHEDG Certification.
  • Organizes conferences, workshops, training courses and other events in Italy.
  • For further information please visit the website of EHEDG Italy


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