A specialized testing laboratory

The Italian Society for Innovation in the Food Industry SIIIA has a laboratory specialized in experimental tests used to measure hygiene performances.

The following tests methods can be performed:

  • cleanability in-place of closed equipment.
  • cleanability of materials, specific for innovative materials, obtained by innovative raw materials, by innovative manufacturing technologies, innovative finishing, coatings or any innovative treatment.
  • cleanability of open equipment and tanks.
  • cleaning tests.
  • tests to measure the effectiveness of decontamination processes (physical and chemical methods) on food contact surfaces or packaging surface.
  • tests to measure the effectiveness of detergents and other substances used in cleaning processes.
Test rig for cleanability measurement

Our laboratory is equipped to perform the evaluations and tests necessary for the EHEDG certification, including the cleanability test according to EHEDG Doc.2.

Tubi di riferimento per certificazioni EHEDG
Reference pipes for EHEDG certification